January 14, 2010

I think we're in business now

Liam went on the potty all by himself today.
update: by the time he went to bed tonight, he'd succesfully peed 2 more times and even pooped on the potty! All by himself. And NO ACCIDENTS on the floor!!! Woohoo.

This is a huge step forward. We have spent the last week and a half making frequent runs to the potty with Liam shouting pee pee. He'd sit and try for long periods of time, but never could relax enough to go. And then I'd clean up mess after mess later.
I think he really gets it now.
The naked bottom approach (except when he's sleeping) seems to have been the best approach for him. He was very aware of sensations down there while he was unhindered, and we purposely stayed at home with nothing on the schedule for the last week or so.
Reading lots of books on this subject to Liam while he sat on the pot seems to have also been very helpful (special thanks to Amy for sending out a stash and all of the encouragement!). Another favorite book came from the library, Tinkle Tinkle Little Tot, which was full of what I suppose you could call inspirational jingles.
Here's a sample of one of our favorites:
The Tushy Pushy
to the tune of the hokey pokey
You pull your undies down.
You get the potty out.
You sit your bottom down,
And you push the poopy out.
You do the tushy pushy
Til you push the poopy out.
That's what it's all about.
You really can't get any more inspirational than that. Nevertheless, we have both had quite the potty mouths lately.
I know the journey isn't over yet, but I am finally feeling like all this work wasn't for nothing.

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