January 31, 2010

enough is enough

Some days I love love love blogging. And other days it's just another thing on my to-do list.

It doesn't help that I have two blogs to update. Inevitably, I end up posting more to one blog than the other. And then there's the problem of deciding which blog to post what information to... Sometimes, it's easier to just not post.

Today, I have come up with the solution, and I've finally taken the time to figure out how to do it: to merge the two blogs.

So, it is with the slightest bit of sadness that we bid adieu to this blog, and move everything to my personal blog, because, really, I'm the only one who posts here anyhow. I'm excited. I think I'll feel less conflicted over the whole blogging-direction thing.

And don't worry, you can still get your Liam-cuteness-fix, you'll just have to do it here instead.

ice, snow, and more snow

We had big plans for this weekend:

Thursday evening, my mom and I had been planning to go out to Mimi's Cafe in Rogers, just the two of us, to celebrate our birthdays. Even though the rain was supposed to turn into ice that evening, we decided to chance it and go out anyhow. We had a great meal and even better conversation, keeping an eye out the window the whole time to make sure the roads weren't getting to slick. They were by the time we left. The ice was coming down quickly, and Hwy 412 might have been an extra long skating rink by the timw we got to it. But we made it home.

By the next morning, a half inch of ice covered everything. By mid-afternoon, the ice turned into a snow storm, which blanketed everything with a good 6 inches of snow. I know that this is nothing for our Iowa relatives, but for Arkansas, this is a LOT of snow. The most I've seen here yet.

Needless to say, we had to cancel our big Dallas trip for Saturday. Boo. The roads between here and there were guaranteed to be impassable and an icy mess. So, we're rescheduling for 2 weekends from now. Ikea, here we come...soon.

Despite the disappointment, we made the most of our wintry weather. Gabe came home from work early on Friday, and went to pick up my mom in Springdale so she could spend the weekend with us.

We drank a lot of tea, kept the fire going, and played in the snow.

Here's a view of our street, before the snow had stopped falling. It's a big mess of snow drifts now.

Liam had lots of fun. He kept saying, "More snow!" all day long. He's played outside a few times, and he really enjoys just tromping around in it.

An improvised sled...
It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so hopefully it will be warm enough to melt the snow instead of creating more ice to deal with.

January 29, 2010

Molly's post on Arkansas

Click on the title to see some of Molly's pictures from her visit with us a couple of weeks ago...

January 27, 2010

a weekend visit and Liam on the swings

Our friends Rachael and Joseph flew out to visit us for the weekend. It was a pretty relaxed and low-key visit. Activities included grocery shopping and library perusing in Fayetteville, a chilly walk to the park, church Sunday morning, and making homemade pasta together. Liam wowed everyone with his potty training skills, all of which made for some nudity-induced funny moments.

It was a good visit. We had some good talks. I really miss Rachaels' company.

Of course, we didn't really take any pictures, except when we went to the park. Here are some favorites of Liam on the swings:

how to get things done

Put him in the sink...

January 19, 2010

breaking news

Liam, the vegetable hater, happily munched away three carrot sticks, asked for more, and then moved on to celery with peanut butter.

This is a big deal, people!

Other veggies he'll sometimes eat: corn, peas, beets.

January 18, 2010

heat wave

Today warmed up to 63 degrees.

After the last few week's near-zero temperatures, the weather today felt incredibly warm. Warm enough for a trip to the playground.

Liam's coordination and courage are improving, especially when it comes to climbing. He went down the spiral slide, unassisted, a dozen times or so.

Here is how it's done:
1. Go up the stairs

2. Run across the walkway

3. Carefully cross the bridge

4. Climb up the steps to the slide and sit down

5. Woo Hoo!

6. Repeat
It was a fun afternoon at the park, but this pregnant Mama doesn't have quite the energy she is used to. It wiped me out.