August 10, 2009

we're still here, but

our computer isn't...

Liam and decided at the last minute to go to the farm in Iowa while Gabriel went on another business trip last week. We had a great time (more on that later...), but when we all got home Thursday evening, our computer was busted. Apparently a storm blew through and took our motherboard along with it. Boo.

So, we bought a new computer over the weekend (and a battery-back-up surge protector), but our wireless antenna is also busted. We finally gave in and signed up for our own internet, which we will actually pay for...

It won't be hooked up until Thursday. We're at the library now, but Liam is not the most patient...

So, until Thursday then :-)

1 comment:

  1. I am so sorry. That stinks. Is your Mom and Forest in AR yet? How are they doing? I think you guys ALL the time.