August 29, 2009

Frisco Festival

Last night, I picked Gabe up from work and we had dinner at my mom's. Linda and her boyfriend Ethan joined us, and then we all went in to downtown Rogers for the Frisco Festival.
We'd never been to this festival before, but I assumed it would be like Siloam's Dogwood Festival. It was. Just without the "arts & crafts - but really just more imported kitsch- emphasis." My mom and Forest got a good dose of the Arkanas local color... lots of fried foods, lots of smokers, and lots of rednecks dancing to the live classic rock at the main stage.
There was a good turnout. It was tricky getting around with an umbrella stroller, but Liam preferred for Gabe to hold him anyway. At one point a woman tapped me on the shoulder, her face a mask of worry: "You've lost your baby," indicating the empty stroller I was pushing. Really? I reassured her that my baby was safe and sound in my husband's arms behind me.

The fair was small enough that we had seen it all in 15 minutes, but Liam was happy to spend the remainder of our time in the sand pit over by the playground. To say he loves playing in the sand is a huge understatement.
He made a friend, too. He really just wanted her shoes (they are his biggest fascination right now: our shoes, his shoes, a stranger in Wal-Mart's shoes...and his favorite book is, of course, Dr. Seuss' The Foot Book)
He just can't get enough of the sand.
He even snuggles it...
But a fresh funnel cake was incentive enough to move on.
His first taste.

And then we called it a night.

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  1. "you've lost your baby." hands down the funniest thing i've heard all week! had a good laugh--thanks. it's OK--in Italy, i was accosted by people whenever i was w/o rochelle. most thought i had kidnapped sage. dudes don't carry around kids, i guess...