October 3, 2009

a vacation, a weddng, and traveling mishaps

We're finally back from a whirlwind trip to San Diego for my sister Molly's wedding. We actually arrived home Thursday evening, but my morning sickness decided to return home, too, and some things just take a little longer to get around to doing...

We have lots of pictures and stories to share, and I'll spend the next few days posting about them.

We drove there and back (it's a 24 hour drive...with a toddler...). On our return trip we had almost made it to Oklahoma City when a rock hit the driver-side front window and completely shattered it. Gabriel was driving and he handled the whole ordeal amazingly well. He just calmly pulled over into the emergency lane, all the while glass was falling in around him. Amazingly, no one was hurt.

It was after 5:00, so no glass repair places were open. We still had 3 hours to drive, and there was a chance for rain, so we stopped at Lowes (conveniently at the exit where we pulled over into the emergeny lane) and purchased a plastic drop cloth, duct tape, and scissors to seal the window. Of course, this made it impossible to see out the window, so driving was tricky and very noisy, but we made it home, and our Element is scheduled to be repaired at the Honda dealer on Monday.

It was quite the adventure.

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