September 15, 2009

Monday Night Football

Last night, my mom, Liam, and I drove down to North Side High School in Fort Smith to watch Forest's football game.

Liam love love loved the bleachers. He ran up and down over and over again, and he made a little friend, too.

he's #91

Forest's goofy coaches only put him in the game for 3 plays near the end. He may be the new kid, but he's a great player. Here he is, sprinting.
They really should have put him in the game more. Look at this sad score...
Maybe next Monday will be better, but it was still fun to see my little brother's game :-)


  1. go, forest!! i like these photos of him playing football. won't be long before liam's the one out on that field!

  2. I love that you can tell which one he is by the woltman bottom... go forest!!!!!! I can't believe I have still never seen one of his games... Thanks for posting the pics!!