May 3, 2009

while the daddies work

While Gabriel and Micah were hard at work in the living room, Liam and Simone kept Crystal and I busy.

When the rain finally let up for a short window of time, we took them into the backyard to visit with the chicks, and they came in pretty muddy. Crystal handled it well :-)

Simone borrowed one of Liam's outfits, and she looked lovely in it, too.

Liam showed her one of his favorite things: turning on the mobile from Grandma and Grandpa Hall (It's the first thing he does when he wakes up, which buys me more time before he starts wailing for me to come get him).

story time

Going for a ride. Liam has his biker sneer on:

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  1. He's got his badass look down...I think that's a good thing :-)