March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Liam

Our internet has had issues lately. Here's the post I started on his birthday...sorry for the delay.

Today has been a day of simple delights for our little man. While the blueberry muffins were in the oven this morning, he opened the present from Grandma and Grandpa Hall. He got pretty excited about ripping the paper off, but then he wanted to try and put it back on.
He was excited to pull things out from the inside:

a fantastic quilt made just for him by Grandma
and a stack of her famous bibs
The quilt is made of a variety of textures (corduroy, flannel, velour...) and Gabriel recognizes some of the fabrics from the quilt he made as a boy. It's really special and I'm sure it will be treasured forever. Thank you, Grandma.

Liam loves breakfast. It's always his biggest and favorite meal of the day. Does this remind you of anybody?

To make it exra special for him, I made scrambled eggs with cheese and sausage (yes, real sausage... free range, organic, of course). He also had orange juice in his sippy cup. He ate the entire plate full and showed off his fork skills in the process.

And then we pulled out the blueberry muffins. These are probably his favorite food ever.


I grilled some veggie dogs to dip in ketchup and made a simple apple and raisin yogurt salad. He devoured it.

After lunch, Liam played in the dirt pile in the backyard while Gabriel and I did some much needed spring yard work. He happily played for several hours!

After a much needed bath and an afternoon nap, Liam played with some of the birthday presents Grammie brought out last week.
The finger puppets can be tricky to keep in sight. You never really know just where they'll turn up.

After a jaunt on the moose it was time for dinner.

Hamburgers, french fries, and more ketchup. What more could a boy want?

It's a bit strange to think that this was us one year ago today. So much has happened since then. Thank you for one incredible year. Thank you for our little boy.


  1. one whole year! congratulations!

    i love the photo of him with the muffin.

  2. What a sweet blessing he is! And he really looks like a good mix of both of you these days. Happy first anniversary of parenthood!

  3. Happy Birthday my beautiful nephew... I am so proud of you and gabriel!! You are such amazing parents, and you are raising an incredible little boy!! I love you guys!!

  4. I think it's safe to say that the boy likes food!

    He is a beautiful little boy and I'm so glad we got to experience his first year of life with you. I learn so much from you!

    By the way, you know what is ridiculous? We haven't seen each other in three weeks. Never again! Friday, come faster!