July 3, 2008

Visit from Grammy

We all had the special treat of visiting with Liam's Grammy for the past week. She hadn't seen Liam since he was a week old. He sure has grown alot in the past 3 months!

Liam sure loves his Grammy. She sings songs to him, reads him books, tickles him, takes him on walks outside when he's fussy, and gives him lots of cuddles.
And, she watched Liam so Gabe and I could go out on a date...the first time since he was born. We saw a really dumb movie, Wanted, which is not worth the movie ticket even though it has Morgan Freeman. Despite the disappointing movie, we had a great time together. The HUGE slice of chocolate cake at Common Grounds was the perfect end to the evening.
We're sad she had to leave already, but plan to see her again in August. We love you, Grammy.

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  1. Dorothy,
    Love the pictures. I need to get some of them on the wall here. Maybe when you get out here we can come up with something. Have you sold any of your items yet? I like the bid idea. I just made some for Hannah. I'll show you when your out here. Love you all,